Error "The uploaded file format is not correct" when importing a CSV file containing non-latin alphabet characters


When you try to load a CSV file containing non-latin alphabet characters, you may get the error "The uploaded file format is not correct. Please try again uploading a csv (comma separated values) file."



This is caused by the file encoding. CSV files containing non-latin characters need a different encoding to be properly parsed by


Please, change your CSV file encoding to "UTF-8 with BOM". This encoding allows a bigger number of characters from other different alphabets.

To change the encoding you will need to use a 3rd party application.
We don't recommend any particular application if not owned by MuleSoft but just to provide a few examples, you can use "Visual Studio Code", "TextEdit", or "Notepad++" for this purpose.

In the links below you can find information about how to change the encoding with those programs:

Visual Studio Code



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