May release is out!

Dear users,
We are very excited to announce May release is out! This release includes some of the most popular Ideas along with other improvements and new features:

  • Support for custom URLs 
  • Added one-to-many field mapping on Imports so that you can now map each field in your CSV to multiple objects in
  • Export scheduling 
  • New User Settings page where you can view your stats and change your default date/datetime formats and timezone 
  • Unified user menu with unified access to the new User Settings, Community & Support and new documentation.
  • Added support for European date formats (DD/MM/YYYY) 
  • Added support for more timezone formats! 
    • Military time zones. Example: 01/24/2013T08:33:00.000Z
    • 3 Letters time zones plus offset. Example: 02/20/2013T15:07:00.000GMT+03:00
    • 3 Letters time zones. Example: 02/02/1982T02:02:02.002PST
  • Several UI improvements 
  • Improved error handling with better messages 
  • Migrated to the latest version of Cloudhub, our favorite PaaS ;), for increased performance and stability. 

Also including several bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem with time part not imported correctly on datetime fields.
  • Fixed UI bug with some tasks status not refreshing correctly.
  • Fixed row count bug with one line files not displaying the correct value.
  • Fixed bug on results file not displaying all the information from related objects export when the related object has no information available.
  • Fixed running status displayed both on the task and the history pane.
  • Fixed empty object list for expired connections. Now, it changes to default.
  • Fixed process rows count issue on files with both malformed lines.
  • Fixed lookup option not visible on the last field on the mapping screen.
  • Fixed problem with unexpected error message when processing numbers larger than 2^31.
  • Fixed problem with lookup error logged on the next available line.
  • Fixed problem with multiple error messages per line on lookups.

We hope enjoy all these improvements and all the other little ones too numerous to mention and keep the feedback coming!

Happy dataloading!

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