December release is out!

Still recovering from Dreamforce and all those exciting product announcements? We have one more for you before the year ends: introducing Professional Edition! Now you can have more control over and better support for your data loading needs. The December release of Dataloader is also here with new features to improve your data loading experience.

Introducing professional edition! professional edition offers greater control, more flexibility and expanded support options for users that need to synchronize and share Salesforce data across aplications.

Secure FTP
Import and export information to and from Salesforce using a secure file service. No need for manual uploads, just synchronize your information between Salesforce and other systems using a secure repository.

Improved scheduling
Introducing monthly schedules to set up your tasks to run on a monthly basis. Also, when managing schedules, you can now decide when tasks start and end.

E-Mail Support
Need help with something? You'll not only get answers from our community through our forum, but professional edition also gets you access to our team of experts who are available to you five days a week.

Task Retention
Need to keep your tasks for more than 30 days? professional edition allows you to keep your tasks active forever!

Pricing Information professional edition enables us to provide expanded features for dataloader pros while maintaining the high level of quality of service for all users across the board.

You can visit our pricing FAQ for more information about professional edition.

Excited already? We also have a lot of enhancements for all of our users!

Improved performance
We’ve tighten the knots and bolts of our front end, leading to page loads up to 3x faster for users with more than 30 tasks and on the back end,reducing the tax on our servers means all users can expect an overall performance increase.

Custom names on export results
Need to export data from Salesforce into other applications? File names on Exports can now be customized to fixed values that remain constant over time. We’ve also kept the option to include the timestamp on the file name.

Task cloning
A fast and simple way of creating new tasks, task cloning saves you lots of time. There is no need to go through the whole wizard every time you create a new task, just clone an old one and then you can tweak the parts you need.

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