December release is out!

Dear pros,

We are excited to announce our December release is out! Including new features and a new subscription tier: Enterprise!

Introducing Enterprise Enterprise offers greater control, more flexibility and expanded support options for users that need to synchronize and share Salesforce data across applications.

What happens to existing Professional subscriptions?
Existing Professional (subscribed before 11/16) users will be upgraded to Enterprise and the subscription price will remain the same.

Import larger files enterprise allows to import/delete information using files of up to 100MB per file (this translates into ~500,000-1,000,000 records depending on the number of fields and amount of information for each field).

Export more allows you to export both Objects and their parent information on a single task (e.g.: Contact with parent Account). With Enterprise you can do related object export of up to 100,000 records at a time.

Schedule more tasks
Professional users can now schedule up to 50 scheduled tasks, with Enterprise you can schedule as many tasks as you need. No limits.

Canvas UI
Professional & Enterprise users can now use Dataloader inside Salesforce UI leveraging the Canvas UI version of

Salesforce Security
Salesforce Admins using Professional or Enterprise can now have full control on which users from their org use

Secure FTP
Import and export information to and from Salesforce using a secure file service. No need for manual uploads, just synchronize your information between Salesforce and other systems using a secure repository.

Task scheduling
Automate your tasks using hourly, daily, weekly and monthly schedules. Also, when managing schedules, you can now decide when tasks start and end.

E-Mail Support
Need help with something? You'll not only get answers from our community through our forum, but professional edition also gets you access to our team of experts who are available to you five days a week.

Task Retention
Need to keep your tasks for more than 30 days? professional & enterprise allows you to keep your tasks active forever!

Free vs. Professional vs. Enterprise

Excited already? Learn more about Professional or Enterprise. Or visit our pricing FAQ for more information.

Thank you for making us the most popular app on the Salesforce AppExchange! And please keep sending your feedback to Team

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    Andrea Catalano

    I see that the description for the new Salesforce Security feature is
    "Have full control over which users can use in your organization and which objects they can access."

    How does it work exactly? Is there any description available?


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