April release is out!

We are excited to announce that a new release of dataloader.io is out! It incorporates many amazing features, improvements and bug fixes including:

Column order
Have a full control over the CSV file format. Set the order of columns in a CSV file by editing the order of selected fields in a SOQL query.

See an example of how modifying a SOQL query you can set a column order in a CSV file.

TLS 1.1+ support
TLS 1.0 is no longer acceptable for PCI compliance and in a new release of dataloader.io we provide TLS 1.1+ support. This means higher security communications to and from your organization.

Activate TLS 1.1+ in your Salesforce to strengthen security.

Bugs fixed

  • Box authentication failure. 
  • Salesforce sandbox authentication error. 
  • Enterprise Edition monthly record limit. 
  • 'Exceeded max size limit of 10000000' error for bulk tasks. 
  • InvalidJobState error for bulk tasks. 

Thank you for making us the most popular app on the Salesforce AppExchange! Please keep sending your feedback to feedback@dataloader.io.

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