My subscription has been cancelled, how to upgrade again?

Why the subscription is cancelled?

As stated on our article Billing and Cancellations, we bill our customers on 15th day of the month. When the payment is rejected it is retried three times, on 16th, 17th and 18th. In case all the retries are also rejected, the subscription is cancelled automatically generating a negative balance in your account related to the days of the month which the subscription was active until the day it was cancelled.

How can I reactivate the subscription? 

In order to reactivate the subscription, you need to upgrade your account again (Upgrading Once it is upgraded, you will be charged for the pending payment (mentioned in the paragraph above) plus the rest of the days of the month.

In case you cannot upgrade again, probably your card is rejecting the transactions (probably the reason for the rejected payments which lead to subscription cancellation). In this case you will need to enter a new credit card or validate with your credit card provider the reason for the rejection.

Please, check our Pricing FAQs article for more information on frequently asked questions.

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