Billing and Cancellations

 In this section, you will find all information related to Billing and Cancellations. 

What's's Billing Cycle?

We bill our customers on a monthly basis starting on first day of each month. Invoices are issued and emailed to account owner on 15th of each month.

Users who upgraded or canceled a subscription mid-month, will receive prorated invoice for that period.

Invoices are processed on the 15th of each month, and the invoice is automatically sent to the email you registered as the contact email when you performed the upgrade.

What happens if the payment is declined?

As explained on the paragraph above, we process the payments on the 15th day of each month. In case the payment is declined by the credit card, it will be retried on the next day (16th). In case it continues being declined, there will be another retrial on 17th and 18th days. In case all payments are declined the subscription will be automatically cancelled.

What we suggest you to do in case you see the payment is declined is to update your credit card to ensure the subscription is not cancelled.

In case your subscription has been cancelled, please, check the article My subscription has been cancelled, how to upgrade again?

How do I change the email address the invoices are sent to?

If you need to update the Billing Contact information, send us the following:

  • Account, share one of the following: Salesforce username/Subscription number/last invoice
  • Action: add, remove, modify
  • Who: email addresses to add, or to remove from the invoice recipients

Can I cancel my subscription?

Users can cancel subscriptions at anytime by following these steps:

  1. Login to the account that you want to cancel, make sure you are using the Salesforce credentials tied to your paid subscription of;
  2. On the top right of the screen click on the username button and go to Settings;
  3. Select Subscription from the menu on the left and click on the Cancel button under your subscription information.

A cancellation email will be sent to your Billing Contact email address confirming this operation!

However, you will be able to see your subscription status under Subscription tab in your Account Settings, please make sure is set to Free.

Depending on what date of the month you process your cancellation, an amendment might apply. Below are the details for each case.

Amendments's invoices are processed in the 15th of each month, which cover the subscription for the current month.

Cancel before the 15th

Should you cancel before the 15th, you will receive an invoice with the prorated charge for that period.

Cancel on the 15th or after

If you cancel your subscription after the 15th, you won't receive any reimbursements for the remaining balance for that month. Instead, an amendment will be made for the remaining days of the month (between the day is cancelled and the end of the month).

The payment of the prorated charge for the days of the month that the subscription was active will be processed using the already paid invoice, and the remaining money will be kept in your account. If you upgrade again in the future, it will be applied as credit on the first invoice. 


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