Transfer an Existing Subscription to Another User

We can transfer any existing subscription to another Salesforce user at any point in time. In order for us to do so, we will need you to create a new support request in our Help Center or website using the paid Salesforce Username(feel free to email us at if you don't have access to your paid Salesforce Username anymore) with the following information:

  • Salesforce username to transfer the subscription from (current owner of the paid subscription),
  • Salesforce username to transfer the subscription to (free user).
    NOTE: If this user has never used, you MUST login to with this username at least once or we won't be able to complete the transfer
  • Email address to send the invoices to (in case you'd like to update the invoice recipients as well). 

Please be aware that only the subscription will be transferred to the new Salesforce username. Account settings and tasks will not be moved to the new user, (each user will keep their tasks and account settings).

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