Managing Salesforce Connections

When using the Free or the Professional editions of, you can only configure one Salesforce connection per account. 

With Enterprise you you can manage up to 10 Salesforce connections from within a single account! 

What is a Salesforce connection?

There are two types of connections: primary, a default connection that is tied to your Salesforce login and secondary that you can add/modify as an Enterprise user. Salesforce connections are unique to each user, organization and environment. 

Note: When adding a secondary connection into an Enterprise account, it won't change a subscription for additional users. For example, when an Enterprise User A creates an additional connection with User's B credentials, User's B account won't be automatically upgraded to Enterprise Edition.

How do I add Salesforce connections?

1. Open your user's settings on the top-right corner

2. Select the Connections tab

3. Add a new Connection and click on "Salesforce"

4. Choose environment and click on "Login with Salesforce"


In case you want to remove a secondary connection, you can click on the trash-can icon.

Running tasks with secondary connections

1. Create a new Task (or edit an existing one)


2. Select the Salesforce connection you want to run the task against

Then proceed with the standard steps for importing, exporting or deleting data. 

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