How to escalate your support ticket

When should I request an escalation?

A request to escalate a support case can be submitted if MuleSoft is not meeting your expectations or your circumstances have changed and you now need a prompt update on your case from someone other than the engineer assigned.

Please note, you will only have the ability to escalate a case once. Please use the examples below to better understand when to and when not to escalate.

An Escalation Not an Escalation
The business impact has significantly changed and you need to contact someone else in addition to the assigned engineer to discuss the case. You need an update to your support case but nothing else has changed; please request an update in the case comments instead.
The expected quality of service from MuleSoft was missed. Requesting an exception to the normal processes; we will be working on your issue, if you need to request an update or share new information, please use the case comments.
The issue significantly inhibits your ability to use the product and there are no clear next steps or progress is significantly slow. Trying to request an escalation for an issue that is unrelated to the case from which the escalation is being requested; this can slow down our response, please only escalate the case that is related to your escalation. 
You have requested updates several times via the case comments but have not had a response. An increase in the business impact but is something that can be managed and tracked with the engineer assigned to the case; however, if needed, please request an increase in the case severity and add more information to the case comments. 


The Escalation Process

  1. Share a new comment in the ticket including the phrase "escalation request" in the body of the message and the reason for the escalation. You should receive an email confirming the escalation (if you don't receive the email after a few minutes, please, check your spam folder and/or ensure that the phrase doesn't have any typo).
  2. A Support Manager will review your escalation request and attempt to contact you to understand your escalation and share the next steps.
  3. A Support Manager will continue, as needed, to monitor your case until it is closed.

Useful to know:
A response time cannot be guaranteed, however, the initial response will typically be within 24 hours. Please also remember that support is provided during weekdays.
An escalation will not automatically mean your case can be resolved faster, but it will ensure you are connected with a Support Lead to ensure we understand your escalation and align on the next steps for your case.
A Support Manager will use the contact details as captured in your support case. If you need to provide different contact details, please add them in a case comment to alert the Support Manager.

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