Seeing an oauth callback URL after logging in using Salesforce credentials

If after logging in using the correct Salesforce credentials, you see a oauthcallback URL like the one below, you should check with your Salesforce Admin if IP restriction is enabled in your profile (Salesforce Setup > Manage Users > Profiles).


OAUTHCallback 1WSmOfliFHWd9EzDjNYLZYzT68AD3kdllqrw%3D%3D& state=%3C%3CMULE_EVENT_ID%3D0-edf1e5c2-c2d3-11e6-bb98-0aa91576a3d0%3E%3E78fAPWox26aImLpvm0avA%252FZx0 B7c91n8c6fMMmU01qYE4qU575upSn%252FtZpBhvPEkB07Y IC%252F8%252FNbN%252FzcKTmkgIUR%252Fxic%252BgOmy7Ly k7LnOwMa1AxDhtlwxq0rpqDI9VZQw


In case you have IP Restrictions enabled, ensure IP address is whitelisted ( or disable IP restrictions.

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