Having trouble logging in to dataloader.io

Issue: you are not able to log in to dataloader.io. You receive an error message or you are just redirected back to dataloader.io home page.

There are a few different causes that can :

Below, we'll explain the steps you need to follow to get both these issues resolved. Note that to do these changes you must be a Salesforce Admin user, or you must contact one.


Your Salesforce Org has blocked dataloader.io

If this is the case, nobody in your organization should be able to log into dataloader.io

To validate this, log into your Salesforce Org as an Admin and go to Setup -> Connected Apps OAuth Usage

Once there, if you notice that the listing of dataloader.io as a connected app has a button next to it named "Unblock", the application is effectively blocked:

In this case, click the "Unblock" button (and then OK on the pop-up warning message). You should see dataloader.io application display as follows:

Now dataloader.io's Application has permission to access your Salesforce data and you should be able to log into dataloader.io (as long as you also have your permissions set correctly).

Your Salesforce Org has reached the API Calls Limit

Salesforce has a limit in the number of calls made to the API. This limit is calculated based on "last 24hs" meaning that you might be unable to login and after one hour the issue is solved.

The maximum number of calls allowed to your organization will depend on your Salesforce edition. If you reach this limit frequently you will need to consider contacting Salesforce to extend the number of allowed calls.

You can check your API Calls on your Salesforce Settings > Monitor > System Overview.

If you are having this issue, then the only possible solutions are either to wait until the API Calls count for last 24hs is reduced or contacting Salesforce to extend the limit.

Your User's Profile hasn't got API Enabled Permission set

Even if your Salesforce Org has dataloader.io unblocked as a Connected App, you will need the right permissions to make requests using Salesforce API.

In order to do this, go to your User's Profile under Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles and edit your settings. Check the API Enabled permission under Administrative Permissions:


Your User's Profile has IP Restrictions on it

Please, validate that your User Profile does not have IP restrictions on it. In case it has, either whitelist dataloader.io IP addresses or disable the restrictions. The list of IP addresses to be whitelisted is the following:



Clear browsing data

If after following all the steps above, you continue having problems to log in, then you should consider clearing all browsing data (ensure you remove data from all times and not only recent data).


After following all the steps above, you should be now able to log into dataloader.io.

Note: Depending on the organisation type and edition, you may have an API usage limit, and if you run out of attempts, you won't be able to log in until this limit is renewed.


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