Tasks failing with "Forced expiration" error


You are running a task and after some time, it fails and shows the "Forced expiration" error.

This error means that the task ran for more than 2hs, which is the timeout for any dataloader.io task.


This is working as designed. The task could have failed due to one of the following reasons:

1) The task is too big.

2) There is a trigger set in your Salesforce related to the Object you are working with, so when the task is running, the trigger also runs, causing delays in the task.

3) There was any problem causing the task not to run as expected.



1) Split the file in smaller files and therefore, in more than one task. Alternatively, try to run your task again setting the batch size to 1 and check if this helps (setting batch size to one will cause that the process on your Salesforce runs faster since it will be processing one record only so this will avoid timeout in the communication between Salesforce API and dataloader.io).

2) Try (1) first. And if setting the batch size to 1 does not help, you will need to ask your admin to check that process on your Salesforce to understand what is causing an error/delay and/or disable the trigger to run the dataloader.io task.

3) If there is no trigger related to that Object, and running a very small version of that file also causes the fail, then please create a ticket to dataloader.io's Support and share the below information:
- The input CSV file.
- Screenshot of each step of the task wizard.

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